3 Tips On How To Get Rid Of Roaches In Your House

3 Tips On How To Get Rid Of Roaches In Your House

Depending on the species, a cockroach can be large or small, living in groups or alone. However, no matter the type of roaches that you have in your house, you have probably noticed that they are resilient insect and difficult to get rid of. These pests breed quickly and are adaptable and efficient. In this article we are going to give 3 proven method that can help you get rid of roaches in your house.

1. Clean your house thoroughly.

All species of roaches thrive well in dirty environment. Therefore, the first step to take to get rid of roaches in your house is by cleaning your house thoroughly. Start with the kitchen then proceed to living room and bedroom. Make sure you clean there hiding place. In addition make sure that you clean your dishes after use and keep food containers sealed and clear your trash regularly.

2. Use cockroach poisons and bait.

Determining which bait to use comes down to the question of how large your problem is. If you have laid traps and are not working or if you see cockroaches walking during the day on regular basis, then chances are that you are dealing with large cockroach population. Cockroaches only feed during the day if the population too great to support a strict nighttime feeding schedule.

roachesIf you suspect that the roaches population is large, use dusts, spay and poison to get rid of them. Dust and spays are specifically considered effective if you are dealing with large cockroach population. On the other hand, if you are dealing with small population then bait is the best option. Pest Control NJ can help you if you need it.

3. Caulk gaps and cracks. 

Cracks and gaps not only give roaches safe entrance into your house, they also use them as hiding place. To get rid of roaches in your house, make sure that all gaps and cracks are well covered to destroy their hiding place. Make sure the cabinets, between pipes wall, counter tops and baseboard have no cracks or gaps. If roaches have nowhere to hide they will find somewhere else to live.

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