Guarding Your Home From Termites

termitesTermites are small insects that live in colonies feeding on the cellulose in wood and play a very vital role in nature. The problem however arises when these insects take over your home as they have the ability to significantly compromise the structure of your house or any other item made of wood in your home.

There are different ways of guarding your home from termites and safeguarding your property against damage. Below are three of the most effective ways you can guard your home from a termite infestation.

1. Only use that has been treated properly

While this may sound obvious enough, most people never bother to check whether the wood they use in their homes is treated properly. While paints and varnishes work to protect wood from the vagaries of weather, they do not offer protection against pests and with time such wood is prone to pest infestation and damage from insects like termites. You should therefore ensure that all the wood you purchase or find in your home is properly treated. Pest Control Tyler TX can help.

2. Eliminate wood debris around your home

This includes fallen branches, firewood or any other type of wood that comes into contact with the ground especially in damp areas. Such places in most cases provide an ideal environment for termites to thrive and it will only be a matter of time before this gets out of hand and you are confronted by a termite problem.

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3. Get professional where necessary

This is mostly advisable in cases where you have a serious termite problem. While DIY control may offer a temporary solution in such cases, you need to get a professional who will identify the problem areas, eliminate all existing termites in different areas around your home and put the necessary measures required to prevent further wood damage and take care of the termite problem once and for all.

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